PROLIN (Professional Lining) of Topwall is a high-quality non woven wallcovering that can easily be used on slightly damaged walls. The main advantage of Topwall Prolin is that it immediately provides a smooth surface and therefore can easily be painted over or wall papered.


PROLIN can be applied on various indoor surfaces: new and old plastering, irregular and non-absorbing surfaces, plasterboard, chipboard and textured glass fibre.


PROLIN is a non woven wallcovering, made of cellulose and textile fibres combined with polymer binding agents.


Symbool eenvoudig te plaatsen Easy to apply. Symbool vormvast Form-retaining.
(does not shrink and does not expand).
Symbool geen inweektijd No time needed for soaking. Symbool dampdoorlatend Vapour permeable.
Symbool naadloos te verwerken Seamless application. Symbool verwijderbaar Removable.
Symbool stabiel en scheur overbruggend Stable and crack bridging. Symbool meermaals te overschilderen Can be painted over more than once.
Symbool geen pvc, weekmakers, glasvezel of oplosmiddel Does not contain glass fibre, plasticizer, solvents or PVC, avoiding irritation when the wallcoverings are applied.   

Product details

Composition non woven wallcoverings (Pes/Cel)
Weight 70 g/m² 160 g/m² 150 g/m²
Thickness 255 μm 325 μm 345 μm
Dimensions 1,1 m x 25 m 1 m x 25 m 1 m x 25 m
Number of rolls / box 4
Fire retardant class Euroclass B-s1,d0 / B1 (De) / M1 (Fr)
Certificates REACH / CE / VOC / FSC
Topwall Prokoll non woven wallcovering paste
Paste usage
50 – 55 m² Topwall Prokoll 10 kg
25 – 30 m² Topwall Prokoll 5 kg
Paint usage
250–350 g/m² * 100–180 g/m² * 150–250 g/m² *
Side to be used
(e.g. painted over)
inside of the roll

* water based – 2 layers

TOP003 Precoated

Unique characteristics

  • Easy to paint over.
  • Absorbs less paint.
  • Only one finishing layer needed.*

* For darker paint colours it is possible that two finishing layers are required.

Standards and specifications

Pursuant to Euroclass norm, B-s1, d0, the best result for non woven wallcoverings in respect of fire resistance. (B1 Germany – M1 France)

FSC®- certified. (label for Responsible Forest management)

CE - certified. (no additives of heavy metal compound and formaldehyde)

Categorized under class A in respect of VOC. (Volatile Organic Compound)