PROKOLL of Topwall is a high-quality wallcovering paste based on synthetic resin dispersion and is extremely suitable for pasting non woven wallcoverings, glass fibre and all types of wallcoverings with a textile, linen, non woven or felt backing.


PROKOLL is perfectly suited and designed for the pasting of the textile and non woven wallcoverings of the collections:

Topwall Prokoll can also be used to paste jute on porous surfaces such as concrete, plaster lacquer, drywall, wood and chipboard etc.


PROKOLL is a high-quality, universal and ready-to-use wallcovering paste, based on synthetic resin dispersion and starch derivatives and is does not contain plasticizer or solvents.


  • Ready-to-use.
  • Easy and smooth use. (spread)
  • Correctable thanks to long opening time.
  • Easy to remove from wallcoverings if the Topwall Prokoll non woven wallcovering paste is correctly used.
  • Apply directly and easily to the wall with a roller or brush.
  • Spatter free.
  • High initial adhesive capacity – strong final adhesive power.
  • Dries transparently and does not affect the colour.
  • Not flammable.
  • Not damaging for health and the environment.
  • Free of solvents.
  • Can also be used with paste machines or airless spray machines.
  • Treated with a mould retardant, avoids primary fungus growth.
  • Suitable for colouring by adding latex and universal colour pasts.
  • Can be painted over with latex, acrylates, alkyd, epoxy and PU paints.

Product details

Composition on synthetic resin dispersion-starch derivatives
Packaging 5 KG 10 KG
Specific gravity +- 1.02
Usage* 25 - 30 m² 50 - 55 m²
Processing temperature ideally: + 18°C en 25 °C
not below: 15°C
Colour off white - transparent after drying
Content thick liquid
Waiting time none
Open time** 25 - 30 minutes
Final adhesion after 24 hours
Can be painted over after 24 hours
(in normal circumstances)
Viscosity sticky (high)
PH-value +- 8
Storage sensitive to frost - store in a dry, cool and frost proof location in closed packaging
Storage life in unopened packaging 6 months
Cleaning clean with warm water immediately after use

* Depending on the circumstances, the porosity and the absorption level of the surface.
** The open time is influenced by the working conditions, such as paste quantities, temperature of the environment and the materials, relative air humidity, porosity of the surface.