topwall prolin vliesbehang

Preparing the walls

The walls must be dry, smooth, clean, and free of dust and grease and be of a neutral white colour. Fill the holes and/or cracks on the wall with filler and sand it smooth. Strongly absorbing walls need to be treated with a primer (for example Fix Wall Primer) first. We recommend the use of a primer, fixation or a layer of ground colour, for example Iso Wall Primer. (Colorythm) This also reduces the risk of wallcoverings loosening when placed on new plaster.

The wallpapering

Follow carefully these steps:

(01) Cut the lengths at the desired length by using a wall papering table. Paste the walls with Topwall Prokoll non woven wallcovering paste by applying the paste with a paint roller. Follow the paste manufacturer’s instructions. Soaking is not needed.

(02) Glue the lengths vertically alongside each other without overlapping and press them with a brush or spatula. Move from the middle outwards and smoothen towards the sides to remove any air. The wallpaper is best glued with the opposite sides against each other. Make sure that the front is free from paste. If the paste comes in contact with the front of the wallcovering, remove it carefully by gently sponging with a slightly moist sponge. DO NOT RUB.

(03) The excess wallpaper must be cut at the ceiling and the scrub boards by using a snap-off knife and a spatula.

Leave it to dry, avoid drying too rapidly or too warm and avoid drafts during the papering and the drying process.

(04) Use the Topwall Prolin non woven wallcovering as the perfect basis for a matted wall paint and/or lacquer paint (Colorythm) and decorative wallpaper (Guy Masureel; Khlara; Khroma)

Easy to remove

(05) Topwall Prolin non woven wallcoverings applied in the way mentioned above are fully removable.


Check the result after applying three lengths. Complaints concerning more than three lengths are not accepted. In case the users continue to papering / applying the product, they do so at their own responsibility. Please notify the shop where you purchased the wallcoverings immediately and directly in case of complaints.