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Environmental factors

The temperature of the material, the environment and paste must be the same, ideally between 18°C and 25°C. Do not use the paste at a temperature below 15°C.

Preparing the surface

The wall must be flat, free of grease, clean and dry and must not be subject to moisture issues. If necessary remove dust and loose remain of old wallcoverings. Fill and repair any holes. Prepare any absorbing surface with a diluted paste (add 20% water) or a primer. Please take into account the final adhesion time for the further use of the product.


Carefully follow these steps:

Stir the paste.

(01) Apply the paste thinly and evenly on the surface using a short-haired roller or brush on a surface of one or two roll widths, depending on the absorption level of the surface and other environmental factors. (for example the temperature in the room)

Do not pre-paste the wallcoverings.

(02) Apply to the back of the wallcovering on the still moist paste film, starting from one of the top corners. Press the wallcovering and especially the edges between the two connecting lengths by using a wallcovering spatula and smoothen the surface. Follow the instructions provided by the wallcovering manufacturer.

Remove any excess paste with a slightly moist sponge. (with the exception of textile wallcoverings)

Easy to remove

(03) If Topwall Prokoll non woven wallcovering paste is used correctly, the wallcoverings can be removed easily when dry in one direction.

Maintenance and storage

Use clean tools. The materials used can easily be cleaned with water. Close the packaging securely after pasting and store in a cool and frost free environment. Do not use at a temperature below 15°C. Topwall Prokoll non woven wallcovering paste in unopened packaging can be stored up to six months.

Carefully read the work method, the technical specifications and follow the recommendations of the paste and wallcovering manufacturer before starting work.

Request for information: MSDS report is available at your Topwall Prokoll supplier upon request.